Win/Mac版:AE插件:摄像机反求跟踪插件 FayTeq FayIN v2.2.0+使用教程








插件支持 Win/Mac 系统:

Adobe After Effects CC 2014 – CC 2015


?FayIN ?v2.2.0 新版更新:

– 支持 DPI 显示器

– 在 Effect Controls 面板加入 Add Track 按钮(可更快的创建一个新的轨道)

– 修复bug



fayIN is highly efficient camera tracking and full automated insertion of digital contents for Adobe? After Effects?. The plugin facilitates object tracking and insertion of digital content. Save valuable time and increase your sales potential. Thanks to automation of the tracking process, fayIN works extraordinarily fast and delivers results of best quality. As plugin for Adobe?After Effects? fayIN assimilates perfectly into the existing work flow. No changing between different software environments is necessary.

Our patented technology enables fayIN to track masked objects or areas with utmost precision, even when the tracked object briefly leaves camera sight. fayIN automatically inserts digital 2D-elements into your footage and accurately calculates the light and shadow effects within the scene. You want to exchange the inserted content? No problem at all, if you tracked your footage once, you can comfortably apply further inserts, as many as you like.

Camera Tracking

  • innovative planar and 2D / 3D tracker for object and camera tracking
  • intuitive selection of the tracking area with a rectangle or mask tool
  • full automatic detection of the best setting for camera data and profile or track position
  • no keyframing necessary
  • track report with hints to optimize the track
  • corner correction for a perfect adjustment of the plane

Content Integration

  • multiple inserts for one track
  • intuitive adjustment of scale, rotation and perspective
  • easy exchange of the insert: tracking results still performing


    • Adobe After Effects CC (or higher)
    • Windows 7 (or higher)
    • Mac OSX 10.10 (or higher)




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