Mac完整版:达芬奇专业调色软件破解版 DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5.2+easyDCP 支持4K 可降噪



DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2 正式版,

提供专业剪辑、多机位、音频插件、3D Keyer、3D跟踪器等功能

现在 DaVinci Resolve 12 版本为之前的 Lite 免费版

专业版的名称更新为 DaVinci Resolve Studio




DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2新功能:

软件更新为运行新版操作软件的URSA Mini摄影机上的RAW文件添加了更多元数据嵌入支持,


增设Linux版Fusion Connect,



更多?DaVinci Resolve 12.5 新功能




Significant New Features 明显的新特性

? Improved edit timeline and color page UI performance

? Fusion Connect lets users send a clip(s) from the edit timeline to Fusion for compositing and when returned from Fusion they automatically replace the originating edit timeline clips

? The Source viewer now includes an optional Audio Overlay on Video

? Primary color palettes now include Temperature and Tint sliders

? Resolve FX – Film Grain, Lens Flares, Lens Blur, Light Rays and others

? Dramatically improved Spatial Noise Reduction – DaVinci Resolve Studio only

? Extended HDR grading controls, HDR scopes, HDR support for 16bit cache formats and HDMI 2.0a metadata – DaVinci Resolve Studio only

? Redesigned and improved Log grading controls with a Project Setting option to switch between legacy and new behavior

? Improved management of nodes and links in the Node editor

? Expanded Marker feature set

? Improved Titles with support in place editing

? Metadata keywords are now stored as text bubbles which are saved in a user dictionary and can easily be appended to multiple clips

? Easy to use Tags are now supported in Display Name, Burn-ins, render filenames and render paths

? New Media Pool Power Bins allow sharing content between multiple user projects

? You now have the ability to adjust via the inspector parameters for all selected clips or transitions

? Ability to create User Transition Presets

? Power Windows and ResolveFX can now be tracked with a Point tracker

? Edit Sizing now includes Lens Distortion Correction – DaVinci Resolve Studio only

? Added selection for 3:2 rendering of 23.976 and 24fps to 29.79fps and 30fps

? Audio can now be rendered in a single track or one track per channel

? Clip Retime effects are now adjustable using a Retime Curve in context with the timeline clip

? Dynamic Zoom for fast start and end positioning of still image transforms

? Expanded Multicam feature set

? Interlaced media can now be de-interlaced with optional normal and for some clips a high setting – DaVinci Resolve Studio only

? Added support for DaVinci Color Transform Language, .dctl for user defined color transforms – DaVinci Resolve Studio only

? Resolve Color Management now includes a checkbox and dropdown menu to separate gamut and gamma options

? Support for several new edit Transitions

? Expanded Keyframe and Curves feature set in the Edit timeline

? Clip metadata for selected or all Media Pool clips can now be imported with selection rules or exported using .csv format

? Spanish interface suppor



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