C4D插件:GSG真实纹理材质反射插件 GreyscaleGorilla Topcoat v.1.0 C4D



Topcoat 插件是由Greyscalegorilla(GSG – 灰星星)新开发的真实纹理材质反射插件,让场景更简单和更美丽

插件支持 Win / Mac 系统下:R16,R17

Topcoat is a brand new texturing plugin from Greyscalegorilla that makes reflectance and adding realistic reflection to your scene easy and beautiful.

Everything we see in the real world is a reflection. It’s the most important part of any C4D texturing workflow. So, when Reflectance came out in R16 and R17, we were excited to say the least. Finally, a realistic reflection tool that helped usachieve beautiful photo real renders with native C4D tools.


However, the Reflectance interface and workflow left a lot to be desired. It’s with this in mind that we made topcoat. We made a texture tool for designers, not technicians. Just click to add the perfect type of reflection to your scene. Or, shift click to continue to layer multiple coats of texture for realistic textures every time.




C4D插件:GSG真实纹理材质反射插件 GreyscaleGorilla Topcoat v.1.0 C4D






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